April 24, 2006

Reports say Chinese take body parts from live prisonersApril 23, 2006 MPs Rob Anders, left, and Keith Martin were among Parliamentarians calling for an investigation into the alleged harvesting of organs from live Chinese prisoners. (Photos by Deborah Gyapong) OTTAWA: Members of Parliament from all the major parties want Canada to investig......
Apr 24,2006

The Epoch Times Dr. Jiao Guobiao (The Epoch Times) After Chinese leader Hu Jintao's recent visit to the United States, The Epoch Times invited Dr. Jiao Guobiao, writer and former professor from Peking University, to share his thoughts on China's current issues. Jiao Guobiao was bo......
Apr 24,2006

Falun Gong practitioners are being systematically killed for their organs in labor and concentration camps across China. This is the message that Dr. Wenyi Wang wanted the world to know when she broke protocol and stopped Hu Jintao's speech at the White House on April 20. While the world's media has focused on her act of civil disobedience, th......
Apr 24,2006

Statement by Dr. Wenyi Wang on why she protested at the White House By Dr. Wang Wenyi Apr 24, 2006 Dr. Wang Wenyi (The Epoch Times) I was released from the D.C. District Court on Friday, April 21. I think it is necessary for me to give the public......
Apr 24,2006

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