May 04, 2006

Wednesday, May 03, 2006 When New York-based Epoch Times reporter and Falun Gong practitioner Wang Wenyi interrupted the White House welcoming ceremony for Chinese President Hu Jintao in Washington last month, her protest was heard round the world. Hauled away by police and arrested, Wang later told reporters that her protest had not been pl......
May 04,2006

Hats off to the lady who heckled the Chinese leader on the White House lawn. She reminded me of the great Rosa Parks who highlighted the racial segregation laws of Alabama back in the 1950s. And of the "White Rose" protesters who threw leaflets denouncing the Nazi regime from the windows of a Munich university at time when most Germans looked ...
May 04,2006

Australians are going to China for organ transplants knowing the organs are from executed prisoners and the numbers are likely to increase according to transplant surgeons in Australia. Dr Scott Campbell from the renal unit of Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane, told The Epoch Times he personally knew of half a dozen patients who had been ......
May 04,2006

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