The atrocities in Sujiatun, where several thousand Falun Gong practitioners have been murdered while their organs harvested for profit from their living bodies, attracted the special attention of a Denmark MP.  MP Mr. Soren Espersen wrote to the human rights organization "Chinese Human Rights Network" and stated that he has asked the Denmark Foreign Minister to respond to concerns about Sujiatun in writing.

Mr. Soren Espersen pays special attention to Sujiatun Concentration Camp

According to the Danish Law, the Foreign Minister must reply to the MP's question within ten days, in writing. The reply will be put on the website of Denmark Congress.

Mr. Soren Espersen wrote: "I would like to ask if the Minister would ask the Chinese regime to allow observers from the Red Cross or the UN to investigate the Sujiatun Concentration Camp in Shenyang City, Liaoning province. I would also like to ask the Minister to pressure the Chinese regime in order to make it open its concentration camps and prisons so that the Red Cross or UN representatives could proceed with investigations as soon as possible."

Mr. Soren Espersen said that the Chinese regime's systematically harvesting the prisoners' organs has been reported by many western media.

Mr. Soren Espersen also pointed out: "During the period of Cold War, the Minister participated in activities against the Soviet Gulag concentration camp in person. The Minister may have be interested to learn that according to the US intelligence, there are 4-6 million Chinese people still being imprisoned in the Gulag-like concentration camps, and some are imprisoned in the labor camps. And so far, the Chinese Communist regime still covers up this black secret."