Massive "Cleansing" within the Chinese Army after the Exposure of Organ Harvesting

"A number of military personnel, scientific researchers, military supervisors and medical personnel around me are missing."

By an individual who identifies himself as a veteran military doctor in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, China.

First of all, I would like to extend my gratitude to the heartfelt concern for my personal safety from everyone who has been closely following the development of China's crimes of on-demand organ harvesting of Falun Gong practitioners. I have safely passed the repeated isolations and internal inspections in the army, which have now concluded. This massive cleansing within the Chinese army was extremely threatening. Take the people around me for example. A number of military personnel, scientific researchers, military supervisors and medical personnel around me have gone missing. Even their family members have been isolated for inspection. No one has ever heard from them or knows their current whereabouts. I feel deeply sorry to see that many innocent colleagues have paid the price for the truth I have exposed.

All Communications to the Outside World Were Sealed During the Isolation

During the isolation, I had no way of knowing the public's response to the secret organ harvests that have been taking place in China's special military regions or the offer from a diplomat of a foreign embassy in China about a secret political asylum and its assistance to flee out of China in exchange for direct evidence of the organ harvesting of Falun Gong practitioners in China's special military regions.

At present, my answer to the offer is such: I regret not being able to accept the offer at this moment for these foreign diplomats are completely ignorant of the nature of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Even though we have direct evidence to show the CCP has living human organ camps, we are still unable to take any serious punitive actions against the CCP. Diplomatic punitive actions are not military actions. Although this may create political pressure on the CCP, it does not solve the problem from the root. It wouldn't help if I revealed all the vital evidence. Once I completely reveal all the evidence at hand, the CCP would know how to conceal its criminal operations in an even more subtle manner. Moreover, my personal identity would be compromised and I would no longer be able to collect and provide additional information to those of you who are trying to end the organ harvesting camps. All things considered, I believe that at present it is most wise for me to continue to collect and expose the crimes of the CCP step by step in order to keep pressure on the CCP.

The exposures of the organ harvesting camps in China have, in fact, shattered the internal personnel of the CCP, especially the Chinese army. Ms. Wang Wenyi's appeal at the south lawn of the White House during Hu Jintao's speech has also had a lot of impact on the CCP. Lately the collections and the compilations of information regarding the organ harvests from each provincial military region have plummeted. Statistical information about the organ harvests has also plunged drastically.

The CCP's Pressure on International Media Is Evident

According to the latest regulation in China, the organ donors' information will be only available on intranet in China by July 22, 2006. During the period of time when I was isolated from the outside world, the CCP has met with diplomats from many countries around the world on the subject of the organ harvesting camps. Its pressure on international media is now evident. Evidence shows that China's "export" of living Falun Gong practitioners as [unwilling] organ suppliers has reduced a lot. The CCP's current focus of its propaganda is to discredit all accusations of the organ harvesting camps in China. I shall provide additional information about this in the future.

The CCP's Heinous Crimes [of the Forced Organ Harvests] Are Far More Atrocious Than Any Government in History

I regret that a foreign diplomat dismissed the information I have revealed as fictional. In the future when the CCP disintegrates and when all the evidences are revealed, all other governments around the world would be appalled by the scale and the cruelty of the CCP's massive crimes.

By a veteran military doctor in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, China

Jul 02,2006
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