According to patients in the No. 2 Hospital at the Harbin Medical University in Heilongjiang Province, more than 200 patients have been admitted to the hospital for kidney transplants. Doctors announced, "[Patients] can go to Shenyang for kidney transplants because a batch of 'criminals' are to be executed during the May 1, 2007, period, and therefore kidney sources will be available."

Think about it: kidneys for transplants need matching. If there are more than 200 patients waiting for kidney transplant, how large must the hidden live organ bank be? How many "criminals" would have to be "executed" during the May 1 period? To anyone with a discerning eye, this is nothing but a sheer lie about the criminals. It cannot be ruled out that the Chinese Communist Party has never stopped organ harvesting and it is now making excuses again for their killing of practitioners for organs to make a profit.