On March 20, 2007, Gansu Daily carried a front-page article by correspondent Ma Jiaojun with the title, "Treating Life as His Mission." The article gave a comprehensive account of the "advanced deeds" of Dr. Yue Zhongjin, director of Urinary Surgical Department of Second Affiliated Hospital with Lanzhou University.

One paragraph in the article deserves attention:

"One day in September 2000, 'the first kidney transplant surgery with the donor being a relative of the patient was performed in our province, and this was the beginning of such transplants in the operation room of the Second Affiliated Hospital at Lanzhou University. To date, Yue Zhongjin has successfully performed 34 kidney transplants with donors being patients' relatives, placing him as the top surgeon in the five provinces and regions in the Northwest. He has also performed over 250 surgeries of different types of kidney transplants."

Those "advanced deeds" unwittingly revealed a major secret: in a period of six years, Dr. Yue Zhongjin personally performed over 250 kidney transplant operations. Apart from the 34 surgeries where the patients' relatives are the donors, where did the kidneys for the remaining 216 transplant surgeries come from? Did they have anything to do with live organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners? This deserves the attention of the international community and an investigation.