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Newsletter #1

The objectives of the Global Human Rights Torch Relay are to reveal the
Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) tyranny and stop human rights violations,
with the theme that "Olympics and Crimes Against Humanity Cannot Co-exist in
China." The human rights torch is a symbol of peace, justice and freedom. It
has broken through many obstacles put in place by the CCP, and the first
flame was lit on August 9, 2007 in Athens, Greece, the birthplace of the

This event has been widely reported by the international media. Many people
have approached us to inquire about the details and ways of participating.
We would like to address this by providing the following information:

1. The Global Human Rights Torch Relay is a series of activities initiated
by the Coalition to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong  (CIPFG)
( The coalition consists of over 350 government officials,
lawyers, doctors, clergymen, and human rights activists from around the
world. Through the torch relay activities, the CCP’s cruel eight-year
persecution against the peaceful Falun Gong community will be exposed, with
a focus on the illegal harvesting of Falun Gong practitioners’ organs that
is currently being carried out in China.

CIPFG is urging the CCP to end the persecution immediately and not to turn
the 2008 Olympics into the Bloody Harvest Olympics. Olympics and
crimes-against-humanity cannot co-exist in China.

2. After the first flame was lit in Athens, many international human rights
organizations and individuals expressed their support. We welcome all those
who have shown an interest and who have committed to participating for the
entire route or part of it. Supporters will expose and condemn the CCP’
human rights violations in suppressing the Chinese people, especially those
who are most vulnerable.

3. Many Mainland Chinese are also participating in the torch relay in their
unique way, eager to pass on their wish of "Human rights wanted, not Olympic
Games" to all corners in the world. So far, eight provinces have confirmed
their participation. (For security reasons, the names of these provinces
will not be announced.) Concrete plans are underway and will be announced in
due course.

4. Relaying the human rights torch is a grand event that has never been done
before in history. The extensive press coverage and community participation
so far have been extraordinary and encouraging. As of August 12th, 35
countries and 128 cities across five continents have already made their
commitment to receive the torch. The event will last for an entire year, or
until the time when the persecution ends or the CCP collapses. The human
rights torch will be relayed through the following countries in this order:
Europe, Oceania, Africa, North America and Asia.

5. Method of relay: The Human Rights Torch Relay events will take place at a
site that best describes the characteristics of the host city. At the
ceremony, all those who participate will symbolically jog for a distance and
pass on the torch. Between countries and cities, the torch will travel by
plane, car, and any other suitable means. With the torch relay ceremony in
Athens just completed, it is now on its way to its next stop. It will arrive
in Germany on August 18. The first city in Germany that receives the torch
will be Berlin.

6. In order to maximize participation, we are in the process of designing an
online human rights torch relay website which is expected to be in full
function within days. The new website will provide all the necessary details
about the relay and welcome participants.


August 12, 2007

Aug 13,2007
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