In 2001, I returned home after two years of illegal forced labor in Jiamusi Forced Labor Camp. Within a month, the police came to my home and tricked me into going with them. As a result, I was sentenced to two additional years at Jiamusi Labor Camp without any legal reason. They said they did not feel at ease with me at home.

Jiamusi Forced Labor Camp used all kind of means to torture Falun Gong practitioners. In June 2002, the guards and collaborating prisoners broke into each cell, dragging each practitioner out one by one to stand on the square. Several minutes later, a lady over 50 years old was handcuffed and dragged out by the police. We were sure she was a practitioner, but we did not know her name. She was from out of town. Then several guards said: "This person is going to be transferred from the forced labor camp and be sentenced." We did not know where she was taken.

Before this happened, the labor camp officials very often made us undergo physical examinations. Looking back now, Jiamusi Forced Labor Camp has probably participated in the organ-harvesting for transplant scheme. At that time we did not know that the Chinese Communist Party was committing organ-harvesting crimes.