On the morning of August 10, 2007, I visited a relative at Chengdu Air Force Tumor Hospital in Sichuan Province. There was an elderly lady waiting for somebody at the entrance. I walked up to her and chatted with her.

I asked, "Are you caring for a patient in the hospital?"

She responded, "No, I live here. My daughter is the anesthetist. I do odd jobs in the hospital."

I asked, "You look healthy. I heard this hospital could transplant kidneys!"

She responded, "Yes, that building over there is for kidney transplants."

I told her that since ancient times, Chinese people would not have anything removed from the corpse of a family member. I asked who was willing to sell their relatives' organs, or donate them? I also told her that it has been exposed that the CCP harvests organs from live Falun Gong practitioners for profit.

The lady said, "Ah, I remember now." One day I went home after work and saw a flyer at my door. It talked about organ harvesting from live Falun Gong practitioners. She said, "I now remember since you mentioned it. Last year, this hospital performed 8 kidney transplants in one day, and 15 to 16 kidney transplants in a two-day period. I was very busy doing odd jobs."

I asked, "Is it because the prison had many death penalty criminals. It probably does not have now that many. Am I right?"

She said, "There are still death row criminals. There are still many patients waiting for kidneys in the hospital. An over 60 year-old man received a kidney from a fourteen to fifteen year old youth. But it had to be removed again after several days. It was not suitable!" I thought to myself, a fourteen or fifteen year-old life was destroyed like that.

I then talked with a security guard. I mentioned that one of my relatives needs a kidney. I asked if there were many kidneys available? He said: "Who is willing to donate organs? They are all forcibly removed. If you see many police enforcing martial law and standing guard, the prison is bringing in prisoners. They are all forcibly brought here. The family members are not told about this. Many people are waiting for organs in the hospital."