Director of the Uropoiesis Surgical Department and a Chief Surgeon Responsible for Organ Transplants Told of "Covert"Organ Transplants

Shi Longsheng was the director of the Uropoiesis Surgical Department and a chief surgeon responsible for organ transplants at Xinjiang Urumqi Air Force Hospital (he was killed in a car accident on February 3, 2007).

Shi Longsheng once said that hospitals in Xingjiang were conducting covert (or "secret") organ transplant operations, according to an unspecified witness. There are three hospitals in Xinjiang: Urumqi Air Force Hospital, Urumqi Hospital and Urumqi Provincial Hospital. Only the Air Force Hospital conducted over 100 organ transplant cases in a year. This is an unprecedented number.

According to Dr. Shi's wife, the sources of these organs are said to be executed criminals. Shi Longsheng's family says that the majority of the organ buyers are from Uzbekistan and nearby countries. Large-scale organ harvesting from unwilling donors is one of the means the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) violates human rights in order to reap huge profits.