Recently, a relative of the chief transplant doctor at the Tongji Hospital in Wuhan City revealed much during a private conversation. He said that in order to deal with reporters, people from legal circles and other professional fields who will come to China before the Beijing Olympic Games and possibly visit the hospitals, the Communist regime has instructed transplant surgeons to hasten the process of fabricating organ donation certificates, to alter medical records of the patients who accepted the transplants, destroy any medical documents that may become evidence of organ harvesting, in an attempt to cover up the gruesome practice of taking organs from living Falun Gong practitioners.

The Party is a seasoned expert in fabricating documentation, but it is impossible to cover up everything from massive fabrications. If we can conduct an in-depth investigation of the donors' authenticity, including their date of birth, address, social relationships and major social activities, and living condition before their "donation," we would likely find gaps or inconsistencies. We might even identify a pattern behind these documents and use them as a starting point to probe this systematic crime further.

Due to international condemnation, these despicable transactions -- organ harvesting from living individuals -- have declined. According to the same source, personnel at the Tongji Hospital used to work overtime on a daily basis to carry out transplant surgeries; now there is perhaps one surgery per month.