(i) Hospital List as follows:

Dongguan Taiping People's Hospital Organ Transplant Center. Link: http://www.dgtpyy.com/keshi.asp

Kunming Kidney Disease Hospital -- Organ Transplant Center Division in Yunnan Province. Link: http://zhidao.baidu.com/question/30961362.html?fr=qrl. They claim that their kidney transplant success rate is above 99.9 percent and is the best in China.

Yunnan Law Hospital, Kunming. Link: http://www.telecom.ynwst.com/fyy/jgsz/jgsz.htm

Unfortunately, the incriminating information on these websites has now been deleted.

(ii) Yunnan Kidney Hospital - Yunnan Organ Transplantation Sub-center

It was reported that the kidneys transplanted in Guangdong Province mostly come from Kunming City, Yunnan Province. These kidneys are being removed and directly put on an airplane and shipped to Guangdong. Some of the patients had been arranged to have surgery directly at Kunming.

(iii) Advertisements and Arrangements of a Company in Singapore in 2004

(a) Double security of the kidney source in order to synchronize two fresh kidneys for the patient.

(b) The patients don't have to wait, and another kidney will be provided at any time if serious complications should occur within 10 days.

(c) Guarantee that the kidneys are from people who are no older than 30 years.

(d) The hospital that needs these kidneys will send people by airplane to get them. The kidney that will be transplanted will be put on ice no more than five minutes after removal. Then in less than two hours, the kidney will be transplanted into the patient.

(Note: Currently, this company does not advertise so blatantly)

(iv) Diary Notes of a Patient from Singapore after his Surgery at the Humen Taiping Hospital, Guangdong Province

The hospital that was involved in this case: Mount Elizabeth Hospital. Link:

Gao Wei, chief physician, personally performed the operation.

Gao Wei enjoys special benefits from State Department experts, members of the United States Institute of Kidney Disease, members of the European Dialysis Transplant Association, editors of the Chinese Organ Transplant Magazine, members of the Chinese Research Institute of Dialysis and Transplantation, members of the Chinese Medical Journal Editors, English contacts, the Asia-Pacific region Institute of Kidney Disease, the vice president of the Kunming kidney disease hospital, the director of the Blood Purification and Organ Transplantation Center of the Dongguan Taiping People's Hospital, the professor and chief physician of the First Military Medical University.

Time: August 2003

Nationality: Singapore

Person: Mr. A, a 52-year-old businessman, a genetic diabetes patient, who had heart bypass surgery (five bypass Operations)

"A Saturday in August, my third consecutive day without good sleep. This afternoon, I attended the cremation of a friend's final journey, a childhood companion, whom I had a 10-year friendship with.

"It was already 7 p.m. when I got home. Suddenly I felt tightness in my chest. At midnight, I constantly coughed and noticed that my abdomen, hands and feet were swollen. I was hospitalized at midnight. Professor Zhu, a heart disease expert diagnosed me with a myocardial infarction. I needed immediate vascular surgery to see whether the vessels was again blocked. Three days later, doctors announced their intention to perform an implanted catheter operation, inserting a total of two catheter stents, and they said that the success rate was very high and it was also very simple. However, the drugs would lead to renal failure, and once the kidney failure emerges, we must prepare to face dialysis (kidney dialysis) and kidney transplant issues.

"In late February of 2004, I contacted the Humen Taiping Hospital in Guangdong with the help of a friend and a local authority on kidneys. Simultaneously, I started to collect data on the hospital and found that they performed fresh kidney transplants on up to 300 patients over the last year. The patients were from home and abroad, and the success rate was over 90 percent. My blood type test report was faxed to the Taiping Hospital on February 28. Four days later, I received a notice from the hospital that they had found a kidney that matched my blood type and tissues up to 80% and I was able to get the transplant immediately.

"March 1, 2004, via Hong Kong to Shenzhen. Two hours later I arrived at the Humen Taiping Hospital. The appearance of the hospital was only average, a typical recently built state-owned hospital. The kidney transplant department was on the second, third and fourth floors of the hospital. The ward where I stayed was a big suite with a living room and a small kitchen. I only stayed there for two days before I received the operation. I stayed in the intensive care unit for five days and on the sixth day, I went back to my ward. The facilities match a four or five-star hotel with video, color TV, direct access to food from four restaurants, which are arranged by the hospital and the food could be delivered directly to the ward. There is a business center with Email, fax, and telephone to contact the outside world."

On March 5, Gao Wei personally performed the kidney transplant operation.