I have a friend who was suffering from kidney disease. In July 2008, my friend and three other kidney patients received kidney transplants at the same time, in the No. 281 hospital in Beidaihe. The source of the kidneys was not clear. We were not able to make any inquiries through the switchboard at both the No. 114 and No. 281 Hospital. We were told it was for security reasons.

The source of these kidneys is suspicious, especially given the security surrounding the surgeries. We ask the international community and organizations to investigate this matter.

Address of the No. 281 Hospital: Beidaihe, Qinghuangdao City

Telephone: 86-335-5360372 (pharmacy)

Physician-in-charge: Jiang Wei, 86-13333357727

(4) Investigation Lead: Suspicious Blood Drawing at the Forced Labor Camp in Huludao City, Liaoning Province

Around July or August 2005, I was on a hunger strike at the Huludao City's Forced Labor Camp, Liaoning Province. One day several doctors came and said they would conduct a health examination. At that time, I was emaciated and unable to walk. I said that I did not want to have this examination. Then one of them carried me on his back to the office. I found that the people in that office were all Falun Gong practitioners.

Maybe the drawing of our blood was related to the organ harvesting of practitioners, which is being conducted by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

(5) Investigation Lead: The General Hospital of the Armed Police in Jiangxi Province Conducted Live Organ Harvesting

Recently, I met a former classmate at a get-together of classmates. She had a problem with her lower back and went to the General Hospital of the Jiang Provincial Armed Police for a checkup. She said when she arrived at the Urological Department, which is on the fifth floor, she saw advertisements about live kidney transplants. Some advertisements said the live kidneys were from the patients' family members in order to deceive the public.

She felt very odd that after the treatment someone who looked like a doctor came and asked her a lot of irrelevant questions, such as her work unit and information about her family. None of the information was recorded in her case history. It seemed that they wanted to know whether she had any ulterior motive to be there. (It looked like they were afraid of being investigated.)

(6) Kidney Transplant at the Chenzhou No. 1 People's Hospital, Hunan Province

The telephone number for the Kidney Transplant and Blood Purifying Center of the Chenzhou No. 1 People's Hospital, Hunan Province is: 86-735-2343229 ext. 2263 or 2267

Telephone of the Kidney and Heart Specialist Department of the Chenzhou No. 1 Hospital, Hunan Province: 86-735-2344149, 86-735-2343229 ext. 2230 or 2427.

This is the largest and the best hospital in Chenzhou City. It has conducted quite a few kidney, heart and cornea transplants in the past. We hope the international community and organizations can investigate the source of their organs.